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    What is Monero?

    Monero is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, focused on privacy, decentralization, and scalability, based on blockchain technology and the term proof of work.

    Monero, as well as Bitcoin, uses a public wallet, while the process of creating new units is called mining. Here, as users, we get to work and through it, we realize our own earnings. However, the insights into the transactions carried out with Monero are known only to the users between whom they are being realized, while at Bitcoin everything is public.

    Also, with exchange online platforms it is possible to convert Monero into other crypts, Bitcoin, dollar or some other currency.

    How does the mining process work?

    To make Monero crypto mining available to everyone, and in order to benefit everyone, a mining plugin is created that can be found at the following link https://chameleon-theme.com/shop/plugins/monero-mining/ .
    After downloading the plugin for Monero mining and installations on your WP site, you will be able to adjust the processing power that the computer uses at Minero’s miner and start mining immediately.

    How can your site users contribute to Monero’s mining?

    Simply. The plugin contains a pop-up window that appears to the user when accessing your site, asking if it is interested in delivering its processor resources for mining the Monero cryptocurrency. If their answer is confirmed, with their confirmation begins the mining of Monero. The most important thing for you, your visitor mining Monero for you and the amount of Monero which they mining stay at your site.

    How much income can I expect from Monero mining on my site?

    Tracking these statistics is available to you within the plugin. Also, the calculation is simple.

    Is currently being paid 0.000064 XMR per 1Million hashes. If you have 1 Million visits a month, assume a user makes 30 hashes/s (mid range laptop) and remains on your site for 5 minutes:

    (1000000 visits per month * 30 hashes/s * 5 minutes * 60 seconds)/1000000 * 0.000064 xmr = 0.576 xmr / month.

    Given that the current price of Monero in the next relationship with Bitcoin >>
    1 Monero is currently 0.02426239 BTC, or 1 Monero is currently 370.43 $.
    From this relationship, we get that on a monthly basis, with the mentioned conditions you can earn up to 210.03 $ or 0.01397513664 Bitcoin.

    How is monetization made?

    In order to make the payment, it is necessary to create a Monero Wallet. This Wallet is available online and you can find one of the good wallets on the following link https://mymonero.com. After registration at Monero Wallet, you will receive two keys – Private Key and Public Key. With the Public Key, you will be able to realize all the transactions, you will be available to receive the cryptocurrency. You can give the Public Key to anyone.
    With Private Key is a little different. It’s a unique key to access your wallet and you do not share it with anyone because in that case, you can lose all your money from your wallet.

    Why use the Chameleon Theme for Moner’s mining?

    The Chameleon Theme is a unique platform, among other things, designed as a POOL for cryptocurrency mining – Monero and Bitcoin. We are all in the interest of using this POOL to capture as much processing power as we can use for Monero mining and thus make Monero Block and get the opportunity to win 5 Monero. The Monero price number will then be divided, based on the invested processor power, to all the users who participated in its creation.

    Mining on your site will provide you with a steady monthly income and create more place for better content on the site, without the banner that they have done before.

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