Chameleon Themes are unique WordPress themes that are changeable at your request. All the themes contain admin panel that helps you change all the elements of your website, even if you don’t have the necessary programming knowledge (menu, header, content, footer, typography, and many more).


Chameleon Theme administration itself is simple and familiar to all WordPress users. You are able to change the design (CSS) by simply and quickly changing any element (even the widget design), and you will enjoy what you will see and what you will get.

There are lots of possibilities for content organization through short codes and other WordPress options for every theme. This will allow you to make a page with two, three or more columns in which you can render all elements like sidebars, loop, slider, or you can simply output text.


WordPress has allowed administrators to edit articles freely and easily. Chameleon Themes allows users (designers) the same with the site elements. Using a .psd file you will be able to generate a new theme very fast, change its menu, typography, content look, blog and widgets.Chameleon Themes are recommended for all users, and especially for web-designers who would like to quickly and easily generate their own design (.psd) in WordPress.


At the end, once you are satisfied with what you have produced on the Chameleon platform, you will easily generate a WordPress theme. It will instantly be ready for use and for further distribution.


Purchasing one-year Chameleon Themes membership provides you with brand new theme versions for that period, along with professional support and help for using all our themes.